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Brazilian Birthday Party – Safari Theme

5 May Birthday_Brazil08.jpg
Safari Birthday Party Grand Entrance

Safari Birthday Party Grand Entrance

We were invited to our neighbor’s first birthday party at the new party place in Boa Viagem.  Brazilians love their little ones and they celebrate birthdays with gusto!

This party was a Safari Theme and was complete with servers, entertainers, play areas, rides, and, of course, an amazing birthday cake.

We have been to many birthday parties in Recife, and not all are quite this fantastic…in fact many are parties at school or at the video arcade.  This one was similar in scale to the Minnie Mouse Birthday Party we attended when we first arrived in Recife.


Safari Birthday Party Monkeys hanging from the ceiling!

Cool decorations, including monkeys hanging from the ceiling!

Awesome safari birthday cake!  Happy First Birthday!

Awesome safari birthday cake! Happy First Birthday!

Birthday car

The cake was so awesome it had its own car!

Dress Up Table at Birthday Party

Cool things to do at the birthday party....face painting at a star's dressing table.

Snow White Dress Up

And they had an entire closet of dress up clothes!

Race Car Driving Guys

Fun for the boys - a table top race car game!

Whacka Mole

Whacka......Dengue Mosquito!

Party Favors

The hippos hosted the party favors....safari hats and personalized water bottles.

Closest thing to a roller coaster indoors

The kids loved riding on the shuttle that hung from the ceiling and went outside.

Birthday Brazil10

Good ole fashioned indoor playground.

Brazilian Clowns

The famous Brazilian clowns led the party in singing.

Rock Band on the Wii

Rock Band for the older kids.

Safari Birthday

Everyone having fun at the Safari Birthday party.


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